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  • [Pricing & Quotation]
    After choosing what you are purchasing on our website, you could check or print out your estimated total price of the invoice for all your purchases by clicking the Shopping Cart button. If you would like to request a final invoice, the exact total amount, which includes shipping cost and handling charges, customized engraving service cost, packing charges and etc, we will issue you the invoice via your fax number or E-mail address directly. Basically, we offer a free engraving & printing service(Only for one colored printing service) as well as free in packing charges. The shipping cost could differ according to buyer's shipping address.
  • [Sample]
    We offer sample products with your customized company Logo & lettering engraving service for most of our items. if you would like to try out a single item with your logo and letterings first to check out our items' quality and how your company logo & Letterings come out on the item you choose, we could mail it to your address. In this case, you will be charged the shipping cost, imprinting cost and also product cost. If you want to order a sample product, please put the item that you like to use as your promotional purpose into the Shopping Cart and simply let us know "Requesting a sample for promotional use" and also inform us your E-mail address & shipping address and contact phone number. We also need AI file(Adobe illustrator file) for your company logo or letterings which would be placed onto the your chosen promotional item. this is only for business promotional purpose.. Please be aware of this sampling service couldn't be offered for individual purpose such as birthday present or any anniversary gifts.
  • [How to order]
    Order Process
    1. If you like to purchase our promotional products, you could visit our website, "biz-inside", and place an order on the website.
    2. You can also place an order by sending us an email. The email address is "". If you have any further questions or inquiries about your order, please do not hesitate to contact in this E-mail.
    3. You could also contact us via phone (+82)1057719197 : International call charge will be applied. Since our company is located in South Korea, we can only answer the phone during the office hours (GMT+9 : Greenwich Mean Time + 9). Our Office hour is Am 9:00 - PM 7:00. For Instance, If New York is Am 4:25, Seoul, Korea would be PM 6:25. So it is best to contact us via eMail. The time difference between the US and South Korea is about 12-14 hours. we will try to answer and help you out promptly first thing next morning if you contact us in eMail.
  • [Logo Imprinting]
    When you fill out your order form, you could upload your Logo and lettering files which are formatting with AI file (adobe Illustrator file) via our website. You can also add your description or explanation where you want your logo to be placed on the item, how many colors you want for your logo, Size of logo, and etc. After our dedicated design team work with your request, our draft proposal design(image) will be sent to your eMail address to confirm from you.
  • [Printing Options]
    We offer 4 different types of printing and engraving services. we can professionally apply these printings and engravings according to the items you choose and your needs.

    1. Silk Printing : This process could be applied most of materials such as Plastic, Nylon, Metal and many others. You can choose as many as color you want but the more color you use, the more expensive price you will need to pay.
    2. Laser Engraving : Ideal for small size logo or letterings. very elaborate process and you can expect clear outcome.
    3. Press Engraving : After carving your logo with metal, apply to the products with iron like pressure. engraved logo shape will be created. Ideal for soft materials such as leather.
    4. Full Color Printing : Ideal for a full color printing. 20-50 different color processing.
  • [The shipping]
    If customer ordered some items from our website with their company logo and lettering service, printing process will take about 4-5 days but it could be less time consuming according to the volume you have purchased.
    The estimated delivery time is written on the website and we always send our items with tracking information. we also have various shipping options, which are DHL, FEDEX, UPS, KOREA EMS you can choose from. But the shipping cost for those forwarding companies are not much different because they charge by weight and delivery distance. These faster shipping method usually take to North America about 3-5 day. If you have a certain forwarding agency that you want us to establish, we can arrange it for your order.
    In this case, you need to contact your own forwarding company directly and have them pick up your cartons from us with your coordination and your direct shipping payment.
  • [Payment]
    1. Paypal payment : those who have Paypal account, simply let us know by eMail that you like to make the payment via Paypal, then we will send you the Paypal invoice to your eMail address so that you could make the payment without hassle. The Paypal payment is quick and safe for both seller and buyer.
    2. Another payment method is a direct banking payment. We only deal with T/T in advance and we have to start proceeding customer's order after confirming your payment. International banking may take at least 4-6 days to transfer your payment to here in South Korea. But if you would like us to faster procedure for your orders not to miss a deadline for special event such as an important exhibition that you need to promote your products with our promotional items, case like this, please send the copy of the bank statement via eMail, which statement shows your payment has been made to our account. (The proof of payment) That way, we both can save some time and could proceed your order a lot quicker. since these transaction is overseas' trading, we hope you understand our payment policy.
  • [Claims and disputes]
    If you want to claim or dispute for any defective items during the transaction due to unforeseen complication, please contact us via eMail with photo images and explanation. It would be great if you let us know within 7 days from the day you have received the products. We are reliable sellers and would like to resolve any problems that may arise.
  • [Customer Center]
    Email :
    Tel: 82-10-5771-9197 Fax: 82-31-698-4550
    Seoul Time(GMT+9) 9:00~19:00
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